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Treating whiplash injuries with naprapathy

The pain and discomfort caused by whiplash injuries can be treated in a variety of ways from the more traditional pain killers and neck collars to alternative therapies such as massage and acupuncture. Read more about treating whiplash injury suffers with acupuncture.

The Claim Solicitors are not only dedicated to gaining the most whiplash compensation available for their customers but they are also committed to providing a wealth of information. Here are some details on naprapathy, a popular alternative therapy in the US which can be used to treat patients suffering from whiplash symptoms and is slowly making itself known in the UK.

Naprapathy (napravit is Czech for correct and pathos is Greek for suffering) is a branch of manual medicine where practitioners focus on correcting suffering experienced within the spinal, thorax and pelvic areas with their hands and other modalities.

Doctors of naprapathy are connective tissue experts who act to alleviate tension and promote fluidity of motion. Connective tissues, such as ligaments, tendons, cartilage and discs, are found throughout the body and when these become either too tight or too loose stiffness, pinched nerves and pain is often experienced. These internal imbalances are most commonly caused by sleeping awkwardly, sports injuries and car accidents.

This alternative pain relieving technique was founded by Dr Oakley Smith in 1907, a former student of Dr DD Palmer who founded chiropractic. This explains the similarities between the two therapies, however, chiropractic focuses on manipulation of the spine whereas naprapaths focuses on manipulation of the connective tissues.

Conditions treated by naprapathy
When the connective tissues become imbalanced they can trigger a variety of chronic conditions. Many physical whiplash symptoms such as neck and shoulder pain, back pain and headaches can be effectively relieved by naprapathy practitioners. Other conditions that benefit from treatment include sciatica, tennis elbow, Carpel Tunnel Syndrome and Temporo-Mandibular Joint trouble (the TMJ is where the lower jaw joins the temporal bone of the skull). Read more about physical whiplash symptoms.

Evaluation and treatment
Before treatment begins, an evaluation including a detailed medical history and an assessment of muscle range and motion will be taken. Treatment will then continue with a combination of naprapathic techniques, adjunctive therapies and nutritional counselling.

Naprapathic techniques

Adjunctive therapies

Nutritional counselling

Making a whiplash compensation claim today
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