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Can I make a claim after a rear-end car accident?

If you are involved in a car accident and another car hits you from behind, it is almost always the fault of the other driver, irregardless of why the car hit you or stopped in the first place.

Road traffic safety regulations state that a driver must be able to stop safely if another car stops ahead of it. If it can not, the driver was not leaving enough space between their car and the car in front.

If a third car is involved and hits you and you therefore hit the car in front, the driver of the third car is at fault.

In many rear-end road traffic accidents, damage can range from virtually nothing to the total loss of the car. It can be misleading when trying to determine personal injuries of people involved in a car accident.

In a rear-end collision, the impact from the car behind is transferred to the car in front, propelling it forwards until the car stops. The back of the car seat pushes the driver forwards and lifts them up at the same time.

If the driver is not wearing a seat belt, the driver's head may hit the steering wheel, dashboard or windscreen. The force of a rear-end car accident accelerates the rate of a whiplash injury, which can occur in of a second.

Rear-end car accidents and road conditions have been researched for some time, and wet and rainy conditions can make a car accident more serious and worsen a whiplash personal injury. This is not because the weather makes visibility poor but because a dry road has more grit and friction.

Whiplash accident compensation claims
After a car accident and exchanging personal and insurance details, a whiplash accident victim may not immediately realise they've suffered a personal injury.

Sometimes the headrest is not fully inclined (a sign of the car seat moving which can cause whiplash) and it's only after the car has been towed, the police have left the scene and the driver has been discharged from hospital, that their neck begins to feel sore and they start to experience whiplash symptoms like nausea.

If you have been hit in a rear-end car accident you may be able to make an accident compensation claim for your personal injuries.

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